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Short Term Rental Ordinance Hits NPUs

October 9, 2020

An ordinance to ban short-term rentals (STRs) in essentially all residential neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta is being discussed and REALTORS® have a chance to be heard.

Council member Howard Shook introduced an ordinance to prohibit STRs in residential neighborhoods in the city. Because this falls under a zoning regulation, all Neighborhood Planning Units, NPUs, have to review the ordinance. These discussions will be held during the months of October and November.

Councilman Shook’s legislation is unnecessary and could be harmful to the real estate industry. What he does not realize is that tools like sales leasebacks that are common in real estate transactions would be banned. His goal of stopping wild parties can be accomplished by enforcing the codes that are currently on the books. For our members that live in the City of Atlanta, we are asking you visit your next NPU meeting to voice your opposition to this measure as written. To see your NPUs schedule and agenda click here.

Key Points:

  • Noise and other disturbance violations can be enforced through current city code.
  • Sales leasebacks, a frequent real estate tool, would be banned.
  • STR platforms are working to prohibit “party houses” on their platforms.

If you have any questions, contact Governmental Affairs Director Aaron Johnson at (404) 732-0631.

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