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White House Releases Blueprint For Renter’s Bill of Rights

March 16, 2023

The Biden administration recently rolled out a series of actions it hopes will control high rents, protect renters, and further fair housing principles. The White House Blueprint For Renter's Bill of Rights is intended to support the development of policies and practices that promote fairness for Americans living in rental housing.

NAR has been working with the White House for some time on access to safe and affordable housing and has released the REALTORS®' response to the President's proposal. This link takes you to the NAR HUB and provides you with NAR's response as well as several white papers which outline NAR's positions on a few of the items included in the White House Blueprint.

NAR will continue to engage the White House and those agencies as they do this work, and will continue to stress that the solutions lie in lowering inflation and increasing housing supply, not policies that will force housing providers – especially small, "mom-and-pops" – from the market.

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