State Legislature Update

March 19, 2020

It seems that not even State Government is immune to the Coronavirus. In an unprecedented move, the Georgia State Legislature went into an indefinite recess, halting all movement on legislation for the immediate future. 

After days of uncertainty, the Lt. Governor and the Speaker of the House announced that both the State House and Senate would take a pause in light of growing concerns over the Coronavirus. The House and Senate did make it through Crossover Day, or the last day a bill can "crossover" from one chamber to the other. If bill doesn't make crossover, it is essentially dead for the year.

Below you will find the status of a few bills GAR is working on at the Capitol:

  • SB 442 - this bill addresses rentals within HOA communities and grandfathering in pre-existing rentals when communities vote to restrict rentals.  GAR is supportive of this bill and it has passed the Senate.
  • SB 415 - this bill establishes greater protection for landowners and their agents from frivolous premises liability claims, as well as other legal reforms.   GAR is supportive of this bill and it has been tabled in the Senate.
  • SB 315 - this bill repairs the lien waiver statute to preserve the enforceability of contracts despite the waiving of a lien.  GAR is supportive of this bill and it has passed the Senate.
  • HB 937 - this bill would prohibit local governments from implementing zoning restrictions on materials, products, or procedures permitted under the State's Building Codes, but would allow those restrictions through local amendment to those Codes.  GAR is supportive of this bill and it is in House Rules.
  • HB 523 - this bill would prohibit local governments from banning short term rentals.  It also would require that any regulatory restrictions would apply equally to like properties.  GAR is supportive of this bill and it is in House Rules.
  • HB 777 - this bill would permit greater use of mass timber in Georgia for use in construction.  GAR is supportive of this bill and it has passed the House.
  • HB 749 - this bill would restrict a property owner from improving rental property, or increase rental rates on existing rental property that is deemed "naturally occurring affordable housing" based upon a formula of average local income and rental rate compared to that income.  GAR is opposed to this bill and it has been kept at bay.
  • SB 292 - this bill would repeal a preemption of local governments banning lumber as a construction medium for residential construction.  GAR is opposed to this bill and it has been kept at bay.

To learn more about these pieces of legislation and other bills the Governmental Affairs Committee is working on, visit here.

If you have any questions, contact Governmental Affairs Director Aaron Johnson at 404-732-0631.

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