How to look up a Law, License Law, Rule or Regulation

August 17, 2020

From the Georgia Real Estate Commission

On occasion there is need to clarify the use of a legal term or review a license law as it relates to a specific situation. Sometimes there is no clear right or wrong answer and the advice of legal counsel is necessary. However there are times when a specific reference to a license law or other law may set the record straight and resolve a confusing situation.

Some of the laws real estate professionals must be constantly aware of are License Laws, BRRETA, other State laws, Federal laws, Fair Housing Laws and local Zoning laws.

The GREC website provides access to the State of Georgia Real Estate License Law and the Rules and Regulations and BRRETA. To look up a certain topic, it is easiest to go to the link for the license law, then click Title 43 Chapter 40 then Click the + by the Title 43 Professions and Businesses to open up the files, then scroll to number 40 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons and then select the topic from located by the number of the law in the Georgia Code. It also helps to go back and look at the Rules and Regulations that more clearly break down the specific law.

A printed book of the License Law can be purchased from LexisNexis. If there are proposed changes to the license law, these are posted on the GREC website at

To look up a law of the State of Georgia, there is a search tool at This can be helpful when a certain bill is pending legislation or a specific law must be found.

The following list links to some other laws pertinent to real estate professionals:

  • Fair Housing Administration web address is simply at
  • Access to zoning codes all over the country can be found at
  • Employers and employees can find useful resources at the Georgia Department of Labor site at
  • The Federal Department of Labor site is also helpful to employers at USDOL For Business.
  • The Georgia Secretary of State site provides a search tool to find existing businesses as well as tools and resources for incorporation at
  • Real estate licensees must also be aware of the Do Not Call laws that are accessible Federal at

Whether it is state, federal or local issue web resources can not only save time but can provide insight to a confusing situation. Create a customized list of web sites of pertinent research tools for future reference.

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