Virtual CE Event

Remine Docs+: Power Tool for Transaction Management

Thursday, October 14

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


In the Remine Docs+ course, members will learn how to use 
  • Remine Transaction Management System to setup transactions and complete electronic real estate forms and contracts.
  • Access and navigate Remine Docs+
  • Create transaction folders
  • Access and complete GAR or RE Forms for your clients and cooperating agents
  • Create an electronic signing session by uploading documents to be signed; adding signing locations; and sending to all parties for signature
  • Use the Audit log to view a signing session's progress/history
  • Respond and reply to a Counteroffer
  • Use pre-built and customized Forms Packages and Clause Kits to streamline the process
  • Set up transaction Checklists


Picture of Joi Hardiman

Joi Hardiman

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